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ASoM focuses on mental health and how it affects those of us involved in agriculture. I will hold conversations with both professionals and producers about addressing mental health in ag and how we can adequately remedy the stresses.

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City Slickers was a big movie for me growing up. My dad loved it, my brothers loved, I loved it. We quoted it all the time. Just the other day, I saw that it was on Netflix and watched it again. That movie hits just a little bit different when you're a dad with kids than before. I talk today about how it hit me and how the parallels with myself and the main character allowed me to reflect on the goings on in my life. Brought to you by

In 2018 I met Burke Teichert who is one of my personal heroes in the ranching industry. From that moment forward I began to think differently about ranching. I began to look at it from a more holistic point of view. This has led me to change many things within our business. Today, I talk about the why behind these changes. That why is better overall health for me and my family. We get into the practices that I have changed and how getting more in sync with nature has made for better health. Brought to you by Mystik Lubricants. For a look at their full range of top-quality products, visit

I used to get super annoyed when podcasts would re release old episodes. That was before I was a podcaster. I know realize there is value in circling back to revisit old episodes. Dr Temple Grandin has one of the most special and brightest minds that has lent itself to the ranching industry. Through her groundbreaking work and research, she has revolutionized cattle handling. In a talk with a friend, I realize that this recording would be valuable to revisit due to the fact of our in depth discussion into the food supply chain. Enjoy this week's Thanksgiving episode with the great Dr. Temple Grandin. Brought to you by Mystik Lubricants. For a look at their full range of top-quality products, visit

Hello friends. I'm back again with another solo episode. In this week's episode I'm going to let you know what the podcast is going to look like going forward for a little while. I had a very clear impression that something needed to change with the podcast. I have been experiencing some severe stress in regards to scheduling podcast interviews. In an effort to keep the podcast going but still be mindful of my own mental health, you're going to see a bit of a change. Take a listen to the episode to see what these changes are going to look like. Brought to you by Mystik Lubricants. For a look at their full range of top-quality products, visit

Solo episode this week talking about some of my on the farm trials and how having patience and faith through these trials has helped me gain some appreciation and gratitude. This week's episode is brought to you by BASF

Natalie Kovarik and Tara Vander Dussen are two remarkable ladies. They have done so much to advance the true side of agriculture online in a time where there is so much misinformation spread about ag. They reached out to me to have a conversation about what they have learned and how they came together to start a course called Elevate Ag to help individuals navigate the difficult landscape of social media to tell their story of agriculture. Go to to sign up for this course

Another return podcast guest this week. We had the fortune of hearing from Whitney Kinne first on episode 72 of the podcast. Today, Whitney returns and we discuss how to incorporate her framework of R.E.S.T. into our daily lives. We talk a lot about burnout and how we can try and get proactive to avoid it. Giving ourselves a little bit of margin so we can back up when we do get overwhelmed. Check out Whitney at

Macey Hurst has been a friend of mine for quite sometime now. She was guest way back on Episode 25 of the podcast. So much has changed for Macey since then. Her and I have actually had many chances to work together in her time with Missouri Cattlemen's Association. We chat today with Macey about how her mental health journey has evolved since we last chatted. We talk about her life transitions and how an unexpected source gave her the encouragement to take the next step on the road to better mental health. Find Macey on Instagram

Ganel-Lyn Condie is one of my favorite people on Earth. She is one of the hosts of the weekly podcast "Come Follow Me Real Talk." She is also a speaker, author, mental health advocate, and faith warrior. We chat today about how faith impacts our mental health. We also get into her 'why' around being an advocate for mental health and addiction. I'm going to be up front and honest, today's podcast was for me gang. I love Ganel-Lyn and all that she does. She is a huge influence on the way I advocate and speak about mental health. Find out more about Ganel-Lyn at “This episode is brought to you by Create your first listing today and receive a $15 Tim Hortons Gift Card!”

John Sachse and I connected over the summer at a Kansas Beef Council Event. John had invited me to speak at a Stockmanship event in Leavenworth, Kansas and at the event we got to visit and know one another a bit. Since then, John has moved on from Kansas Beef Council and has returned close to home to his family's seedstock operation in Eastern Kansas. Today, we talk all about how mindset matters in our daily lives. How having proper mindset can help us on our mental health journeys. John has also started his own coaching business. To reach out to John, go to